Practice Quotient increases Practice revenue through PPO negotiations to create win-win relationships with dental insurance companies. PPO fee schedule allowances for services should represent the training and expertise of the providers. If you wish to take an active position in ensuring equitable reimbursements are achieved and maintained then Practice Quotient’s expertise will be of value. Sample Project Objectives:

  1. Survey the insurance ‘market’ to negotiate proposals, evaluate the merits of participation in each network for your Practice(s), and present recommendations to Practice Team
  2. Facilitate the installation of the recommended dental managed care participation strategy to increase the Practice’s profitability year over year and protect the overall business value in the long term.

Practice Quotient will provide commentary on PPO network contracts, possible new patient opportunities, obstacles, and/or unfavorable circumstances in the context of dental insurance landscape. Criteria for choosing the network(s) that make the best business partners vary broadly. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. While the level of reimbursement is important, it is certainly not the only factor in the decision process. We uncover the characteristics that matter most to your Practice and integrate them into our discussions so that you can comfortably make educated business decisions. The project scope is comprehensive, in-depth, and spans at least two years in duration. The results from our projects generate dividends that pay out for many years.


We increase dental practice revenue by negotiating higher reimbursements from PPO fee schedules; and protect our clients’ practice long-term business value by actively managing network participation contracts

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