Practice Quotient helps DSO’s realize more than 10% more ROI in first-year acquisitions by leveraging DSO market advantages. Increased cash flow is the immediate benefit, though the real impact is on the overall business value in the long term.

At Practice Quotient, our niche is DSO’s that want to grow. We are the proven commodity in actively guiding managed care contracts to favorable outcomes. Our goal is to work with you to structure win-win relationships the third party providers that best fit your patient and practice acquisition strategy.

Here are 3 ways we help our DSO’s Win:

  1. Ability to Scale Faster: each acquired dental practice will be different. PQ has worked with traditional FFS-only, all PPO, Medicaid-driven,  multi-specialty practices, specialty-only, and everything in between.
  2. Improved Cash Flow: by ensuring insurance contracts are handled efficiently from the beginning, potential claim issues are minimized
  3. Streamlined Transition: PQ handles everything related to managed care contracts so leadership can focus on training, staffing, and operations protocol.