Dentists, what would an extra 10-15% in earnings mean for your practice?

As a dentist, it can be difficult to determine which PPO and dental network administrators are the best business partners. If you are writing off 40% aggregate discount annually, you are essentially spending $40,000 to bring in $60,000.

Practice Quotient specializes in helping dentists get paid fairly for their production. We have a solid track record of managing your practice’s PPO contracts. Our goal is to work with you to structure win-win relationships with the best 3rd party providers based on your patient acquisition strategy.

Here are 3 quick tips you should take into consideration:

  • Do not participate with every PPO network unless you wish to always accept a reduced fee.
  • Read your contracts carefully to ensure the plan exposure is what you signed up for.
  • Eligibility verification, requests for narratives, and slow claims turnaround time costs you money.