Are you a Dental Specialist that would be interested in learning what an 10-15% increase in profits would mean for your practice?

As a specialist, it can be difficult to determine which PPO and dental plans are the best business partners. Plus, figuring out how much you should write off annually can be just as hard.

Practice Quotient specializes in helping dental specialists make more from every procedure by extracting your data metrics and uncovering the intangible costs of your network participation. We then present you this information and work with you to structure win-win relationships with the best 3rd party providers for your needs.

Here are 3 quick tips you should take into consideration:

  • Do not participate with every PPO network unless you wish to always accept a reduced fee.
  • Read your contracts carefully to ensure the plan exposure is what you signed up for.
  • Eligibility verification, requests for narratives, and slow claims turnaround time costs you money.