Practice Transition Due Diligence is an invaluable service that goes hand in hand with our advisory services.

If you want to expand your practice to multiple locations, or you plan to build a new practice from the ground up, or you’d like to acquire an existing practice, Practice Quotient is here to help you navigate the entrepreneurial journey.

Employing us priorto the purchase of a practice will provide an opportunity to us to find value or liabilities before you negotiate a purchase price.

There are many factors related to the contract structure for increasing or decreasing the price of a dental practice. What if a major carrier change occurs? How will this affect the purchase price? What is the transition process and timeline planned for network contracts?

You need to know!

Only Available for Clients of Record


We increase dental practice revenue by negotiating higher reimbursements from PPO fee schedules; and protect our clients’ practice long-term business value by actively managing network participation contracts

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